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Vehicle Accident and Body Repairs

Vehicle accidents can happen to any of us on the road at any time. We understand that if you are involved in any accident it's not just the financial implications but the personal inconvenience and stress they cause.


Marshall Panelcraft carry out retail, fleet and insurance work and are an approved by many major insurance companies. Our experience in dealing with car insurers means that we will make the process of dealing with your car accident repairs as straightforward and hassle free as possible.


Alloy wheels can be one of the most expensive accessories you will add to your motor vehicle. Unfortunately they are also one the most vulnerable being easily scraped, scratched or chipped.


Marshall Panelcraft repair alloy wheels that have been scratched, chipped, clipped on the kerb or have simply lost their shine. We can restore your alloy wheels to their original glory giving you an affordable alternative to replacing your alloys.



Modern motor vehicles are made up of large parts of plastic and synthetic body materials. These are designed to shatter on impact in the event of a collision.

Most people don't pay much attention to the plastic body parts on their car until they are damaged in an collision. The growing use of plastics in auto bodies has meant advances in body repair techniques.

Marshall Panelcraft are at the forefront of plastic body repair techniques using the the latest equipment and experienced and skilled personnel. This means that wherever possible we will use the latest methods to repair the damaged area of the vehicle only replacing where absolutely necessary



Plastic Repairs

Alloy Refurbishments